3+ Footer Components - Vanilla CSS

A footer is a section at the bottom of a webpage that typically contains information such as contact details, links to important pages, copyright notices, and social media icons. It serves as a navigation aid and provides additional information to visitors. In this collection, you'll find various designs for footer components that you can easily incorporate into your website's design. Whether you prefer a basic footer or a more visually appealing style, these components are designed to complete your website's look and enhance user experience.

  • Footer with Social Links and Legal Information

    Enhance compliance with a footer featuring social links and legal information.Learn how to create a footer layout that includes social media links for connectivity and legal information for compliance

    Author: Joe

  • Footer with Links

    Enhance your website's usability with a footer featuring helpful links. Learn how to create a functional footer layout that provides users with easy access to important pages and resources.

    Author: Joe

  • Wave Footer

    Elevate your website with wave footers, adding a stylish and dynamic touch to your design. Learn how to implement wave footers to enhance the user experience of your website's bottom section.

    Author: Joe

  • Simple Footer

    Complete your website with a clean and minimalist footer designed using HTML and CSS. Learn how to add essential information and links to enhance user experience and site functionality.

    Author: Admin