2+ Rating Components - Bootstrap

Welcome to our curated collection of Bootstrap rating designs! Ratings are an essential tool for gathering feedback and engaging users on your website. With Bootstrap, creating visually appealing and functional rating systems is simple. In this collection, we've assembled a range of rating templates that are easy to integrate into your website. Whether you're running a product review site, a service-based platform, or any other type of website, our collection has something for you. Let's dive in and discover how Bootstrap ratings can enhance user interaction and improve the overall experience of your website!

  • Bootstrap 4 Star Rating with Font Awesome Icon

    Elevate user feedback on your website by integrating Font Awesome icons into your Bootstrap 4 star rating system. Learn how to create an engaging rating interface for your audience.

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  • Bootstrap 4 Star Rating System

    Engage your audience and gather valuable feedback with a customizable star rating system built using Bootstrap 4. Learn how to implement and style a user-friendly rating interface for your website.

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  • Bootstrap 4 Simple Star Rating

    Enhance user feedback on your website with a straightforward star rating system using Bootstrap 4. Learn how to effortlessly integrate a user-friendly rating interface to gather valuable insights.

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